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The majority of home buyers will begin their search online, and therefore we find it to be very important that we market and list your home accordingly. By listing your home with us, we ensure that your home is represented in the best light possible. Making a good first impression is so important when marketing and selling your home. It is said that a first impression is made within 7 seconds of the encounter. Buyer clients first encounter will more than likely be through online marketing. This is why we use a professional photographer who will photograph your home as well as do an iGuide (virtual tour), and floor plans. The idea behind this is so that the buyer client can get a full understanding of what your home has to offer them, sparking their interest and promoting them to want to view your home in person.

Here are some helpful tips on how to have your home ready to be marketed for photography and during any showings of your home once listed:

  • All curtains are opened and lights on to promote a well lit environment
  • Declutter; remove anything from counter tops, doorways, hallways etc. that may make the space feel confined
  • Remove kitchen cloth/kitchen towels hanging from appliances, place dish soap, dish towels etc. out of sight
  • Ensure appliances are wiped clean and there are no magnets/papers attached to fridge
  • Remove anything around small appliances from counter tops
  • Place laundry baskets inside closet/out of view and closet doors are closed
  • Ensure beds are neatly made
  • Tidy children's toy/area (if applicable)
  • Toilet seats down/mirrors wiped clean, close the shower curtain
  • Centre any rugs/mats to room
  • Television's and gaming systems are turned off/neatly put away
  • Dust/vacuum/wash floors prior to photographs
  • Ensure laundry machines are empty (more specifically front loaders with clear door)
  • Garbage bins/recycling bins are out of sight
  • Footwear is in closets

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